Vogue Black?

Yesterday Vogue Italia launched new branches on their websites Vogue Curvy & Vogue Black. On both sites they have reached out to popular bloggers to be contributors, such as Afrobella (that must feel pretty awesome!) who wrote a great article on natural hair that's featured on the site right now:


So far I'm reading mixed reviews about the site around the web. Since the Vogue issues in recent years featuring Black models on the covers have been top sellers (most recently this one), it seems like a smart move on Vogue Italia's part--but is it a sincere step for inclusion or not?



  1. This is the first I'm hearing about this! I will check out the website once it is working again (probably getting too many hits lol).

  2. I'm excited about their attempt at inclusion and it seems sincere since they're reaching out to cool bloggers and not just finding random people to write articles about being black. keep us posted on it :)

  3. LOVE it! I think it's a brilliant idea