I am not totally new to the blogging world you can also find me here.
So why am I here, right now? My story:

I decided to stop relaxing my hair near the end of 2006. I was always curious to see what my natural hair texture looked like & I had just moved to Chicago--so I figured I'd try something different?! I transitioned slowly, with no big chop, from 2007-2008. In 2007 I had to fulfill a Grad school requirement by taking a printmaking class. I was kind of frustrated that I had to take the class, as it was $1,000--and I already had Bachelor's in Art (I took every class BUT printmaking lol). Instead of letting the frustration get the best of me I turned it into a positive and decided to motivate myself during my transition period through creating natural hair etchings in the class. Here is one of my first etchings:

(Photo Credit: Bleu Coiffure, 2007 Etching)

I've always enjoyed painting and drawing people--but never before had I explored using the beauty of natural hair in my art--as I was not natural nor did I know any one that was. So exploring natural hair through art was something different that brought and entirely new element & feel to my work--and I find drawing each strand of kinky/curly hair kind of calming. Weird? ;)

2008-2009 I got a bit side tracked on my art work and focused more on finishing my degree in Education, as well as planning a wedding. My hair eventually became an after thought too.

Mid-2009 I decided to re-focus on the health & worth of my hair, as well as motivate myself & others to continue on this natural hair journey through sharing my art, beautiful fashion/hair accessories, and the art & photography of others.

Thus, I present to you: Bleu Coiffure.

welcome & enjoy.the.journey.