I visited my parent's home over the weekend and found some of my old art and magazine photos I saved when I was in high school (o so long ago). This photo in particular I saved at age 14. My art teacher made us go through magazines to find pictures to draw from--I remember seeing this photo as if it were yesterday. I recall looking at the curls on this model and thinking how big and pretty her hair was but never did I think my hair could look like that. I didn't even give a thought to what my natural texture looked like---having a relaxer was "natural" for me at that time...

(Photo Credit: Teen Magazine: January 1998, Bleu Coiffure)


  1. Good memory.......

    I've lost some many precious memories; filers, folders, pictures...it sadden me. But I do have my collage artwork in which I created memories from my favorite looks, "back in the day" to the BEST candies we loved as kids.

    Have a lovely day :)

  2. That is a gorgeous picture!

    When I was younger I wanted so bad to have hair like this too - but I had a perm so I could never make it happen lol

  3. @Tuesdai, I'm glad you atleast have your collage that has many memories w/in it!

    @Jin, yes it is--I wish I knew the models name, I'd sure 'nuff google her lol

  4. Thats funny, I think back to pictures of natural hair and realize I thought the same thing. In college I worked at Sally Beauty supply and one of the posters in every Sally's is of a natural with the most springy curls, I always wished my hair could do that...fast forward to a few years later and we now share the same hair.