3 Things I ♥ (03.2010)


1. Spring-time is coming! Living in an area that gets extremely cold in winter, makes me extremely excited to see it all melt! Also to feel/see the sun come from behind the clouds and warm the earth. The process of seeing things grow and change is here once again and I'm glad I'm alive to see it.

2. Virgin Coconut Oil (any brand, not necessarily the one pictured). Love, love, love it! It can be used from your head to your feet--and even to cook your food. I recently began using coconut oil as a part of my hair regimen and I've noticed a change for the better--more shine & softness that lasts. I think coconut oil is a keeper for me!

3. Leopard Pumps...I've recently taken a walk on the 'wild side' by purchasing these shoes. I saw them for a great price @ TJMAXX, so tried them on and they looked o so great with my dark skinny jeans,yet I put them back. Did I really NEED them? I wasn't so sure. So I went home.... and couldn't stop thinking about them...sitting there all alone in the store...so a few hours later I went back to the and made them mine. I have no idea how, when or what I will/can wear them with (feel free to leave suggestions!)--BUT they are pretty to look at--to me.



  1. Yes to all 3! As an aside, I have to compliment you on the artistry of this blog. It inspires my own creativity. I feel like drawing or designing every time I visit. I would describe this as a beautiful blog.

  2. Hey :)

    I'm lovin' the wonderful weather that's brewing, those pumps you've featured, and the smile on my face....because I'm stress-free on today :)

  3. those pumps are amaaaazing! love them. and coconut oil is like the best thing ever. i get refined though because I'm not a fan of the smell.

  4. @JC--thank you for your kind words--I'm happy to inspire.

    @Tuesdai & Ivy, thanks--I can't wait to wear them! And yes Ivy cocnut oil IS the best thing ever! :)