Accessory Love: Turbans


Foever 21, Paisley Turban $5.20

Yigal Azrouel Cruise 2010 Collection

In 2007 Western culture once again embraced middle eastern culture with the popularization of turbans in fashion, in 2010 the trend is still here and is something to look out for. It would also be a great way to protect curls, or hide hair on a bad (or even good) hair day.

If you have a large scarf, here are simple steps to create your own turban style, from Vogue intern Lara Piras:

1) Double the scarf in a triangle shape.

2) Flip your head forward and throw your hair over.

3) Position the scarf overhead with ends forward. Tie one knot with the ends coming together underneath the hair at your forehead, leaving the triangle top free. Then, pull the hair forward and through and fold the rest of the scarf over the loose hair.

4) Tuck in the free part of the scarf into the first knot. Pull all the hair and scarf ends atop your head and finish by knotting the two leftover ends at the crown.

So, wearing a turban simply for fashion--yay or nay?

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  1. i love turbans only if i could wrap one with a new trendy twist for those bad hair days