Bleu-Inspiration: Big.Cut.Chrisette.Michelle

"I was tired of black sista’s feeling subject to having their hair pressed and straightened, and damaged, with relaxers, and heat...I wanted to make short and nappy hair fashionable, and let the industry know that there is nothing wrong with the texture that we have been born with. So I plan to grow it out to the big beautiful nappy hair that I have.” -Chrisette Michelle via new-kidsblogspot.com

(Photo Source: Dereck Blanks via Curly Nikki)

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  1. Good movement, but the topic itself is TYPICAL CLICHE. Why make a statement over "hair" and how it effects a nation of women...why not just do it, and let it speak for itself. Badu made a statmenet and allowed it to speak for itself (however you interpreted it)....my question IS, why can't most women in the music industry just DO it, and not make a statement? Everything's not to be MADE into a statement.

    Have Easter :)