Coiffure Creatives Feature: Illustrator.Wynter Cherry.

Wynter Cherry is a young artist who enjoys working in various mediums but particularly loves to illustrate with pencil. She was kind enough to share her work, the ideas behind their creation and embracing her natural hair as a teen:

Art imitates Life
"After making the decision to go natural, I've noticed that my art has changed. I often find myself drawing more about freedom, individuality, and the beauty of nature. It's important to me to draw girls with natural hair to encourage others that natural hair is beautiful. It gets on my nerves when people think about natural hair and think only negative comments, saying its 'nappy', that 'it needs to be permed', or that it 'looks like a Brillo pad'. I don't think they dislike natural hair, they just don't understand it. Honestly, my goal is to make them change the way they think about natural hair. If they find at least one natural hairstyle they like, it could change the way they think about it."


Dare to be Different
"This piece,'Dare to be Different', depicts a girl who is proud to be so different from the 'main(stream) image of beauty'. This picture is based on a positive reaction I personally had to photo of a natural with a fro. I'm the girl in the background amazed by how gorgeous this girl and her hair is. The other girl in the back does not have a face because she still can't see how great it is to be different(representing my friends who don't understand why I'm going natural)."


I Understand
"This piece, 'I Understand', shows a girl who is transitioning. After I decided to go natural, I cut my hair until it was about 2 inches short. I felt so free. The subject of this piece feels as though she is emerging out of her own mental 'hair cocoon' and is now a free butterfly, as I was, no longer a slave to the common image of beauty. That's why the girl's jewelry and the butterfly are so uniquely patterned."


Curly Suu
"'Suu' has many different types of curls and in a way represents the way I feel about natural hair. Natural hair isn't just 'nappy', there are curls and kinks, wonder and love.

Drawing girls with natural hair is my way of giving back to the natural hair community. I've always loved natural hair, I just never knew I could go natural myself (laughs). I was searching hairstyles on Google and saw a girl with an afro clipped to the side. I fell in love with her hair and IMMEDIATELY decided to go natural. I hope that one of my pictures might have the same effect on another girl." - Wynter Cherry

I would like the thank Wynter for sharing her works and words--I am sure the best is yet to come for you!

Find more of Wynter's art here.
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  1. Great drawings!

  2. Especially love Curly Suu! And I love your inspiration. I also want to inspire young girl to few their hair in a positive light.